SEL Global is Now a Full Mobile Commerce Software Company

November, 17 2014

TORONTO – SEL Global is pleased to announce that they have now become a full Mobile Commerce software company.

SEL is excited to announce it has significantly expanded the capabilities of its global IP platform with the acquisition of several new mobile applications.
In addition to SEL’s existing Mobile Advertising/Mobile Shopper software offerings, SEL has now added the following functionality:

– Remote Mobile Payments
– Mobile Ticketing
– Mobile Utility Bill Payments
– Top Up
– Mobile Gambling/Gaming
– Wireless Carrier Billing
– Mobile Travel Apps

All of these new applications are designed to integrate with SEL’s existing cloud based enterprise software platform, which provides robust communication abilities between each application to enable SEL’s unique features such as split-tendering to function. SEL’s platform also provides further integration with common mobile POS systems, Bluetooth beacons, Client Inventory Systems, and can also integrate with multiple mobile payment providers.

“We are very excited about this latest mobile software acquisition for SEL Global, as it places SEL in a very unique position as a complete Mobile Commerce Software company with a very unique mobile software platform offering for our global clients.” – David Cunningham, Founder and CEO of SEL Global.