SEL Global adds AI to Pierre

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September, 2020

SEL Global has now partnered with an established AI / Chat provider to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Live Chat to our Mobile Hotel Concierge offering, Pierre

With industry advances in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Pierre will now be able to create unique experiences in real time (and at scale) that appeal to the needs and desires of each individual traveler, Before / During / After the hotel guest’s stay.  

This new AI powered Hotel Live Chat feature gives hotels the unique ability to have a very meaningful conversation with their guests throughout their lifecycle.  Additionally gathering valuable data sets on their customers to increase the guest experience.  

Future market expansion is now set for the condominium vertical as well. 

SEL headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is a Mobile Advertising and Mobile Concierge software solution provider, providing our Mobile Concierge app Pierre to the hotel and condominium verticals in North America. 

Press Release to follow.