SEL Global’s complete Mobile Shopper Solution

Our Mobile Shopper Solution works for both retailers and shoppers. Retailers can now easily "push" mobile promotions to shoppers, eliminating the need for shoppers to stop and search for deals on their mobile phones. SEL provides real-time redemption of mobile offers at the retailer's point of sale, giving retailers an industry first 'performance based advertising' model.

The Sel Global Solution

Our Mobile Shopper Solution is unique in the industry, it is robust and has all the features that a mobile shopper needs. Our solution is an integrated Mobile Shopper platform with in-store redemption and mobile data aggregation. Everything happens in real time, is localized, personalized and even integrates with many mobile payment solutions.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Offers

Mobile Offer Redemption at POS

Mobile Gift Cards

Mobile Loyalty Cards

New! 'Nearby' - Location Based Offers

Split Tendering

Mobile Ticketing

Wireless Receipts

Shopper Location Based Recognition

Aggregated Mobile Shopping Data